Solar Powered Street Green Technology Concept with Movement Sensors


This is an energy saving product for public spaces. With its 7.3 square meters of the main panel with solar cells and with MoSESS (Movement sensors energy saving system), it is able to provide illumination throughout all night. All objects that are part of this concept are connected to each other by an underground connection and also to electric grid which enables sharing of leftover energy in cases when this is needed. You can look at here now how solar energy is giving lots of advantages.

Public telephones and other public services (such as Automatic telling machines, Internet services, informational services) that are put in streets for more convince to customers consume electric energy. Not only for illumination but for different digital devices such as computers, LCDs, information panels, wireless devices… More and more of these services will be available on streets and more energy will be needed to support them. Solar public multipurpose booths provide, whatever the apparatus is inside, with necessary energy. Also every booth has lights that are powered by the same solar panels.
Bus stops with their large protective panels provide ideal space for application of solar cells. Generally, bus stops do not use much energy and in this way they can help other users from the SOLAR STREET FAMILY that use more electricity. Even more, the electricity collected by the Solar bus stops can be used by any other user as they are all connected to each other as well as to electric company. Lights of the bus stop itself are positioned in the base of solar panel and in the bus stop seating directed toward ground.

Solar park lamp uses the same MoSESS (Movement Sensors Energy Saving System) as Solar street lamp to reduce energy consumption. In the same way it recharges its batteries during the day and in the night uses it for illumination.

Mili Thakur