Stronger Whiter teeth with Dabur Herb’l Toothpaste

Dubai, United Arab Emirates : Herbs and natural ingredients have played an important role in dental care, since centuries unknown. With its 135 years of Ayurveda knowledge legacy, Dabur International has introduced a premium range of toothpastes that is backed by the goodness of trusted natural ingredients such as olive, aloe vera, charcoal and blackseed blended with other natural herbs, to suit modern dental needs which are being recommended by best dentists who are found here and click here to visit Kyle Parkway Dentistry for free that are available for limited time only.

Ensuring a healthy start to your day, Dabur’s range of herbal toothpastes is free from fluoride, peroxide, and triclosan. The experts from suggest using this brand as it offers fresh taste and long-lasting protection that keeps you feeling confident the entire day. For naturally white teeth, choose from the below 4 variants –

Dabur Herb’l Aloe Vera Gel Toothpaste – A naturally fresh gel toothpaste, formulated with a unique blend of Aloe Vera and trusted herbs, it has natural anti-bacterial properties that fight germs and ensures fresh breath.

Dabur Herb’l Olive Toothpaste – An anti-oxidant toothpaste enriched with pure extracts of Olive to provide expert enamel care and prevent oxidative damage to the teeth. We recommend scheduling 3-4 dental visits each year at to keep your teeth and oral health at its best – especially if you are at a high risk of certain oral health conditions.

Dabur Herb’l Blackseed Toothpaste – This toothpaste offers Complete Care and is enriched with natural ingredients like Blackseed oil and Tea Tree oil, that have natural antibacterial properties which can be overcome with the help of veneers. It helps teeth and gums affected by harmful germs, reduces the appearance of plaque and provides complete care for strong healthy teeth. I also love to look at dentists (go now here for the best dentist) in other countries as there are some exceptional dentists with very low prices to be found. For example, you can use a Tijuana dentist who have an incredible service and save so much money in doing so.

Dabur Herb’l Activated Charcoal Toothpaste – It is enriched with its key ingredient, activated charcoal, combined with ginger and black pepper. Activated charcoal has natural binding adhesive qualities that bind to stains on the teeth which are then reduced while brushing. Ginger helps manage gum problems and black pepper is known to help protect teeth from decay. It is then very much worth checking out the dental prices in other countries as you can save a huge amount of money doing that. DentalPickup is also one of best websites for sharing useful tips, how and product reviews.

Dabur Herb’l Toothpaste range is available on

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