Surfing in Peru



FEW PEOPLE are aware that it was in ancient Peru, and not in Polynesia or the South Pacific that the first evidence of surfing was recorded, dating back more than 2000 years to pre-Hispanic civilisations.

Surfing is still practised by fishermen in northern fishing villages such as Huanchaco, Santa Rosa and Pimentel, where fishermen venture out onto the waves on totora reed rafts during their daily fishing trips.

The Maui surfboard made its debut on the Peruvian coast in 1942. Since then, surfing has gathered enough fans to become one of the most widely practised sports around.

The waves o the Peruvian coast are well- known all over the world and some of the best breakers – such as Punta Rocas south of Lima or Cabo Blanco to the north- are part of the surfing world championship circuit.

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