Tanzania: Former First Lady for Better Education




FORMER First Lady Anna Mkapa has urged parents to be keen in ensuring best education for their children by working hand in hand with the government, teachers and other education stakeholders.

She made the statement over the weekend during the 8th graduation ceremony for Standard Seven pupils at St. John Bosco Pre and Primary School in Kibaha District, Coast Region, where she emphasised that good performance is guaranteed by a number of factors, one being team work from the mentioned sources.

“We need to support each other in the task of bringing up our children academically and ethically as well. Preparing our children from the grass roots level too is very important,” she said.

The former first lady also presented the school with seven boxes of text books during the ceremony whereby a total of 37 Standard Seven pupils graduated.

Meanwhile, Mwendapole Primary School in Kibaha District, Coast Region is in need of 100 million shillings for rehabilitating its eight classrooms, which are worn out after being in use for 40 years without repair, it has been learnt.

At the moment the school’s general infrastructure is in bad shape including the floor in the classrooms which has broken to a large extent.

As for the roof the situation is worse since it has been leaking when it rains, forcing the pupils to stand up for fear of being soaked from the rain, according to the school’s headteacher, Mr Said Mkondo.

 Our school is proud of serving the community for 40 years, but the sad part is that there has never been any major repair in this school since it was built. We are calling for joint efforts from various sources to rebuild our school,” he said during the

recent Standard Seven graduation ceremony held at the school’s compound. He went on to say that the school has no fence, no computer room while the library which is present does not meet the needs of the school.

Mr Mkondo also said that the teacher’s house has no toilet which makes the teacher who is living in it share the toilet with the pupils located far, which he said is dangerous especially during the night.

Explaining further, he said that the house had been built by the district council at the cost of 3.6m/-, but the community did not participate in contributing funds.

On his part, Kibaha Ward Councillor, Mr Ahmed Nangurukuta, pointed out that some parents have been ready to even borrow money from VICOBA for ‘ngoma,’ weddings and other initiation ceremonies than they do in education matters.

“I am advising my fellow parents to stop this habit at once and put priority in our children’s education,” he said. The school has a total of 978 pupils, 396 are boys while 402 are girls with 23 teachers.

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