Tanzania: Isles Marks 50 Years of Free Education


IN an ongoing effort to minimize unemployment burden in the Islands, Zanzibar will have more vocational training centres, where youth will learn various skills suitable for self employment.

In a speech at the “Free education” celebrations held at Amani Stadium on Tuesday, President Ali Mohammed Shein expressed his disappointment that most of the graduates from colleges cannot self employ.

“It is unfortunate that many graduates from universities rely on government employment and private organizations. The chances are now limited, so many youths remain unemployed,” he observed.

He said that the government has planned to establish training centres so that youths can be engaged in various activities and helped to be innovative instead of remaining idle.

The President also said that the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training was directed to include vocational studies in primary school curriculum.

 “I am told that the International Labour Organization (ILO) is helping to reach the objective. I urge youth at all levels of education to get interested in vocational work,” he said.

It is now 50 years since Zanzibar declared free education on September 23, 1964 with the aim of making sure that all children get a chance to have education.

Shein said at the colourful rally that Zanzibar has recorded admirable achievement in education sector with all school going children enrolled as per the Millennium Development Goal (MDG).

“We have challenges which, definitely, we will overcome in the near future. But, we have to celebrate the achievements which include increased schools, universities, and professionals in the islands,” Shein said.