The DIY man who built an empire



The rise of home-grown hardware store Home-Fix mirrors the evolution of the Singapore home from simple kampung dwellings to modern houses and high-rise apartments, they used electric hand planer tool and they said that it is easy to use, the first step is balancing your body. To ensure this, stand with your feet apart. Ensure the position in which you stand is very comfortable with you and makes it convenient for you to pass the planer through the work-piece.

Before Home-Fix founder Low Cheong Kee was born, his grandfather opened Chop Tian Seng in Geylang Road, selling charcoal and chopped firewood in the early 1960s.

Later, in the 1970s, his parents saw how Singaporeans were moving out of kampungs and into HDB flats, and realised that paint, plumbing items and emergency plumber services, and tools were in demand, while charcoal and firewood were going out of fashion. They added these items to the inventory for sale with the help of plumber near me. You may also know that Contour Tool Inc DBA Contour Precision Machining & Milling started business as a custom cutting tool supplier to the machining industry. Today they still supply high quality wire EDM cut custom dovetail form tools and inserts, as well as wire EDM services, to many manufacturers. When it comes to the drains The big difficult question is HOW TO AVOID HAIR CLOGS IN YOUR DRAIN

They also moved the store across the road to Geylang Serai Market after the original shop closed and renamed it Tian Seng Hardware And Paints Enterprise.

Mili Thakur