This Leaked Audio of Britney Spears Singing Without Auto-Tune Will Shock You

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In 1999, Britney Spears forced her way into our lives singing Baby One More Time and broke so many international sales records that she instantly became a household name. Whether we now like to admit it or not, but back then we were hooked. She could sing, she could dance, she was pretty and her antics kept us entertained.

She’s seen soaring highs and she’s seen staggering lows but nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING gets quite as low as what we hear on this leaked audio track from her next album, Britney Jean (sounds strangely like MJ’s hit single, Billie Jean).

At the beginning of this song Britney sounds like she has a severe cold but by the end, the sound of her singing is similar to a badly scratched music CD. Or an out-of-tune gramophone. Or a combination of both.

The name of the track is Alien, and by the time you are finished listening, you begin to think that perhaps she’s actually trying to tell us what those outer space beings sound like. Ears have been scarred for life.

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