Top 5 Assets to watch in 2022

The economic recovery is likely to continue this year but that there can be plenty of volatility due to these three reasons.

  • High inflation
  • Diminishing central bank support
  • Coronavirus uncertainty

However, Gulf Brokers has handpicked some of the best assets class investments that are worthy to be watched this year.


The US dollar is a financial instrument that is usually expected to gain value during periods of uncertainty. 2021 was the best year for the greenback since 2015. The dollar index, which measures the greenback against six major rivals ended last year with a gain of more than 6%. Recently, however, the dollar Index slightly retreats from last year highs after the latest data showed U.S. consumer inflation fell within estimates.


Precious metals, gold and silver are generally seen as safe investments and resilient against inflation. Silver represents the second most popular precious metal, which is perceived as a cheaper alternative to gold. Silver price dropped by more than 13% in 2021 weighed down by the strong US dollar and rising bond yields. But we believe the metal is still an asset to watch, compared to gold, following the correction in 2021.


Global stocks wrapped up 2021 at record highs. Last year was a phenomenal year for the EV sector. 2022 might be a great year again.

10 important EV stocks the investors should watch this year

  1. Lucid motors (LCID)
  2. Nio (NIO)
  3. Tesla
  4. Ford
  5. General Motors
  6. Volkswagen (VOW)
  7. Xpeng (XPEV)
  8. BMW (BMW)
  9. LI AUTO (LI)
  10. FISKER (FSR)


Bitcoin can be one of the alternatives investors can look out for during the stock market’s downtime. Bitcoin jumped 66% last year and hit a record high. Technically the overall momentum remained bearish for the crypto pair after the last few months downside move.


Oil prices rallied more than 50% last year and the volatility is still strong. However, the oil traders should keep an eye on the rising fears over climbing pandemic case counts and the prevalence of the omicron variant of COVID-19.

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