Illustrating the power of its advanced laundry solutions, LG Electronics (LG) has today launched its Hotel LG VIVACE campaign, inviting UAE residents to experience escapism, learn more about the company’s latest washing machines and win top prizes.

The campaign features a light-hearted yet informative video series in which animated clothes visit Hotel LG VIVACE for the ultimate vacation. A spacious suite highlights the washing machine’s large capacity within a small profile, while the luxury jacuzzi experience refers to LG’s Steam+ technology, which has been proven to remove up to 99.9% of allergens and reduce wrinkles by up to 30%. The final video in the series offers hotel guests a VIP service, conveying the capabilities of LG’s AI DD™ Technology.

LG VIVACE washing machines feature the company’s proprietary AI DD™ Technology, consisting of a reliable Inverter Direct Drive Motor which works in conjunction with artificial intelligence to provide elevated clothing care. LG AI DD™ Technology detects the weight of laundry, alongside the softness of fabrics to determine the optimal washing pattern. This feature has been certified by Intertek to provide up to 18% greater fabric protection, keeping garments in good shape for longer.

In addition to the video series, Hotel LG VIVACE offers consumers the opportunity to partake in a hybrid experience, connecting the physical and digital worlds. Through the website and QR codes located across stores in the UAE.

Guests are invited to ‘check-in’ via a simple registration page, after which they will receive an email including their ‘Visa’ for travel. Participants must then visit one of LG’s participating stores to have their ‘Visa’ verified by a promoter.

  • Carrefour: Mall of the Emirates, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi
  • Emax: City Centre Mirdif
  • Sharaf DG: The Dubai Mall, Times Square Center
  • LuLu Hypermarket: Khalidiya Mall Abu Dhabi

The promoter will provide those interested with further insights into the LG VIVACE experience and a free gift of luggage sticker and ID tags – while stocks last.  

At this stage, participants are also automatically entered into a prize draw, where they have the chance of winning 1 of 3 LG VIVACE washing machines (1 each week). This will be followed by the grand prize of a one night stay in a luxury 5 star hotel suite for 2 people.

The campaign is running from now until 04 January 2022. To find out more, please visit:

LG VIVACE washing machines come in a variety of models, with different capacities and colors. Certain models also feature a combined washing machine and dryer function. A full list of appliances available in the UAE can be found on the microsite page.

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