Underground and raw from Black Rat


The designer, Siri Sveen Haaland, started her own fashion company named Black Rat in 2012. Black Rat is for guys and girls who are conscious of image and quality. The concept is carried by a commercial reflection of the dark and obscure sides of Norwegian culture. Siri Sveen Haaland is proud to be the newcomer of the season at Oslo fashion week.

– Attending Oslo fashion week is great! I`ve been looking forward to this and I`m finally participating with my own collection, says the up and coming designer.

At the official opening of Oslo fashion week, Haaland presented the collection «Mutinity». She used creative display for the opening suchs as underground music to express the design. «Mutinity» is inspired by Norwegian underground and rats.

– Rats are one of the most survivable mammals in the world. Rats lives underground and they are highly intelligent. This is perfect for a designer’s expression, says Haaland.

The roughness from the underground is reflected in the color combinations in the collection in soft grey, black and white. The rat is colorblind and this is expressed in the choise of colors for «Mutinity». When the designer describes the clothes to OFW Magazine she states that:

– The collection is a sailor in woolen underwear meets native american adorned with bone beads,loose pants and feathers on his head.

Siri Sveen Haaland actually had a big dream of becoming a rockstar and the music is still important for her as a designer. «Mutinity» was displayed with underground music which contributed the theme of the collection, the underground of Norway.

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