Website Ranks African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women


It cannot be denied that among the 54 recognized sovereign states and countries within the continent of Africa, the women that hail from these nations are among the world’s most-stunning beauties. Taking that in to consideration, popular website Ranker has compiled a list of countries and is allowing visitors to place their votes for African countries with the most beautiful women.


With nearly 28,000 votes as of press time, Somalia sits at the top of the rankings. Voters can either vote in favor of a country, or against it , which ultimately increases or decreases a particular country’s standings.

The following countries with the top five most beautiful women are Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Ghana. Then comes Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Rwanda, and Seychelles

The list does not have a date for when it was launched and appears to be ongoing. So far, there have been nearly 8,000 voters and just more than 247,000 views on the site.

Sitting in last place in the listing is the Central African Republic.

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