White-collar workers head to the cloud




Australia’s crowded online jobs market place has got a new player with Nvoi, described as the country’s first end-to-end cloud-based jobs platform, joining the fray.

Nvoi, which already has more than 10,000 workers registered globally, aims to speed up the recruitment of white-collar contract workers by allowing companies and employees to directly connect and engage for work arrangements, to conduct interviews and manage timesheets, compliance and payroll on a single platform by using online systems that offer accountants for contractors limited company so is easy to manage the payroll and offer extra benefits to the employees without that much effort.

The company said it’s aiming to capitalise on the shift away from traditional full-time work, with more than 25 per cent of the Australian workforce now described as contingent and forecasters in the US predicting 50 per cent of the American workforce will be contingent by 2020 .

Nvoi chief executive Mark Rowlands said the industry has been crying out for a system to manage the entire recruitment and management process to minimise the risk and cost to businesses and help them adapt to the major changes occurring in workforce structure.

“What we’ve done is taken the old temporary recruitment model and brought it into the new, digital age,” Mr Rowlands said.

Nvoi will be competing with established platforms like Elance-oDesk, which launched in Australia earlier this year, but is unique in that it offers a full end-to-end platform.

“The unique thing about what we’re doing is that Nvoi is the employer of record. We don’t just match-make businesses with candidates – we do the hiring,” Mr Rowlands said.

“Other job sites don’t offer the end-to-end solution that we do. They stop at the first introduction. We follow through to ensure people are hired and the clients’ needs are satisfied. Nvoi is both a marketplace for candidates and companies to meet and assess each other, and a workforce management system to manage the employment relationship with our clients.”

“Nvoi allows professionals to build their personal brands, find rewarding roles and track invoices. It allows businesses to post assignments, search for the best workers, and more easily manage contracts, compliance and payroll. We remove the hassle and automate excessive administration.”

Mr Rowlands said the platform is a step-change for industries reliant on white-collar temporary and contract labour.

“IT, engineering and retail in particular are constantly in need of contract workers for short-term or part-time roles and project work. More Australian businesses are embracing the trend because they’ve realised it’s more profitable for them and increasingly more attractive for candidates who want a better work-life balance.”

He added that when a match between a candidate and an assignment is agreed, the workforce management system kicks in. Nvoi charges a flat fee of $2.49 per hour in addition to standard employment expenses.

The company has been self-funded to develop the platform technology and marketing strategy and recently signed a mandate with Patersons Securities to seek seed funding in November with an IPO planned for early 2015.

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