Women left with horrific burns over 75% of her body after freak campfire accident creates scar cream to help other victims

A courageous Women covered almost head-to-toe in burns has created a soothing skin cream to help others feel confident despite having scars. Jane Healy, 56, was left with horrific burns across three-quarters of her body after a freak accident around a campfire turned her into a ‘human fireball’ aged nine, her family was able to call the paramedics and the lawyers on time, thanks to this she was able to save her life and also able to get a big compensation from her injuries, this is why it is important to take action when you need a truck accident lawyer .

A camping stove blew up in her face, and the pyjamas she was wearing melted onto her skin.She also lost her ear and breasts and and her neck was fused to her chest.Ms Healy, who nearly died after the event in 1969, overcame years of being traumatised and had countless skin grafts to improve her appearance. The oilfield accident lawyer is whom you can get in touch with in case there is need for legal help.

Now, she has invented her very own treatment and launched a new business with her 25-year-old daughter Laura.She created her moisturiser Sea Crème – a concoction of sea salt, carrot seed oil and beeswax – after realising her scars felt softer following a dip in the sea.

Ms Healy, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said: ‘It’s been a long journey getting here, and I want to show people there is life after scars. ‘As a teen I had no confidence because of my burns, and I don’t want others to go through that.’If someone told my childhood self I would be the one to improve my skin and one day I would own a business, I’d never have believed it.

‘To turn my horrific ordeal into something positive is amazing – I’m so proud of myself.’ From the age of nine until she 15, she had to undergo numerous skin grafts as she grew.She said: ‘It was really tough. I didn’t have the childhood and teenage years other girls did because I spent so much time in hospital.’The scars were big, tight and red, and I felt so aware of the markings on my face.

‘It was hard to accept the way my face and body had become unrecognisable, and even harder to imagine living the rest of my life with the scars.’ But over the years, she noticed her skin always felt better after spending time in the sea.She said: ‘We went on a lot of family seaside holidays, and when I swan in the sea, my burns seemed to fade and become softer.

‘Over time I became convinced it was the saltiness of the sea that was improving my skin. ‘When I told doctors my theory about the sea, they would ignore me and prescribe E45 cream to soothe the burns.’But the truth is nothing ever made me skin feel as soft as the sea did.’In 2014, she inherited £35,000 and decided to invest in creating her own skin treatment, inspired by the salt water.

Working alongside scientists at Star Laboratory, she developed Sea Creme – which can be used on regular skin as well as scars.Ms Healy was the first to try her own product, and still uses it today.’My skin was softer and less tough and taut. I knew I was onto a winner,’ she said.Last month, she pitched to Fenwicks and Sea Creme went on sale in January. Now, she has 10,000 pots of Sea Creme ready to go and plans to pitch to high street stores Boots and Superdrug.