Writer Information and Morphisec to Jointly Deliver Unified Cyber Threat Prevention Platform in UAE

Writer Information Management Services (Writer Information), a unit of Writer Business Services and India’s largest and most comprehensive information management company, has announced its cyber security services partnership with Morphisec, to offer its cyber threat-prevention platform in the GCC region. This partnership aims at offering Morphisec’s patented Moving Target Defense technology across advanced endpoints, virtual desktops, cloud workload and servers.

Morphisec is the latest entrant into Writer Information’s compelling and complementing offerings in the cloud and data portfolio in cyber security, data, network and application management. It uses the power of moving target defense, a wholly innovative approach to prevent cyberattacks and threats. Morphisec solutions deliver operationally simple, proactive prevention unbound by the limits of detection and prediction. They protect businesses around the globe from the most dangerous and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks have become a menace globally and according to the UAE Government Cyber Security, UAE has seen at least 250% increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic period. To combat an impending crisis, businesses are investing millions of dollars in boosting cybersecurity systems to prevent attacks, which they may experience. With this partnership, Writer Information’s customers in the GCC region will now be able to access guaranteed solutions protection to businesses around the globe from the most dangerous complex and sophisticated cyberattacks.

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