Youtube launches music mobile app to complete with offline listening

Youtube Launches Youtube Music Mobile Apps

YouTube Music and YouTube Red have been officially released, and these YouTube mobile apps surely set out to compete against the various music streaming options out there. Of the two YouTube mobile apps, YouTube Music seeks to make some profit rom the site’s enormous music catalogue, and YouTube Red is catering to the YouTube fans who are looking for exclusive ad-free content.

YouTube Music Mobile Apps Change the Nature of YouTube

YouTube has been a free platform since it first started, and after gaining immense popularity in 2007, the website has well grown out of its mold. Some people depend on it single-handedly, having no interest in services like Spotify or Apple Music. Some people, like me, depend on it for income. I get legit subscribers for my channels by creating content consistently.

YouTube Music gives users free to discover music videos, explore YouTube recommendations, viewing favorites and streaming audio. Out of the two Youtube Music mobile apps, YouTube Red brings special perks.

YouTube Music Mobile Apps: YouTube Red Allows Offline Access

That’s right, YouTube Red allows users to have access to their favorite music or videos offline, and applies to all other YouTube apps, granting even unlimited streaming on Google Play Music. YouTube Red is a more focused conglomerate, and it gives users the option to save 20 audio tracks to your device at a time for on or offline listening. You have to be choosing best youtube subscribers for your channel, the ones that enjoy what you create and reach out to them.

The new YouTube Music mobile apps also come with a feature to turn on Audio Mode, which solves a lot of problems for users looking to only listen to music and not watch video.

YouTube Music Mobile Apps Can Be Downloaded for Trial

Users can get the Youtube Music Mobile Apps for 14 days before being invited to subscribe. Both can be accessed via the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The Secret Behind the YouTube Music Mobile Apps

YouTube looks like it’s wanting to separate from the slew of cat videos and joke content. It looks like it wants to compete with other music streaming services that are taken a tad more seriously.
Reception to the very concept of YouTube Red has been mixed, especially with the International community who already struggle with regional restrictions, but hopefully these new YouTube Music mobile apps will be received well after the apps have been given some time to settle with the public.


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