Zindagi Rocks movie review


Cast: Akesha Bista, Sauram Raj Tuladhar, Sonam Pakhrin, Makan Rai, Prakriti Shrestha, Richa Sharma,  Binod Mainali, Bicky Pulami, Nischal Basnet (Special Appearance), Keki Adhikari (Special Appearance)
Direction: Nikesh Khadka
Cinematographer: Hari Humagain

Zindagi Rocks is a cinema based on a journey of four friends to find a girl that one of friend loved as she was going abroad for further studies. The film casts fresh actors Sauram Raj Tuladhar , Akesha Bista, Sonam Pakhrin and Makan Rai in lead role. It was directed by Nikesh Khadka and most importantly, I wouldn’t miss the Cinematographer, Hari Humagain as his work was superb.

Life is really so unpredictable. Someone said that “Life is what we get when we are busy doing something else”.  After watching this movie, I somehow came to believe in this. Sometimes, we don’t get what we were after and for a good reason. While we were looking for a good thing, we would get another good thing, probably better than the one we were looking for? I would like to believe this every time, “be positive, as life still goes on even after we lose everything”.

The movie was an enjoyable journey of four friends. The script was average, but I loved cinematography, wits and presentation of the movie. Songs were good and the background music helping to make the movie more engaging. Like for instance, I loved the background sounds “Lesbo, Lesbo, Lesbo…” made me smile. Everything looked to work and this was definitely a job of professionals. Excellent work by Zindagi Rocks team on he dialogues. Particularly I was moved by the one that Akesha said on the riverside. It was something about the relationship and sand in your hand. There were few misacts, but most of the time it was working. There were few other characters that were more impressive. The dialogue of truck driver, Aaite (Rajendra Khadgi), “Driver Aaite, sexy mote feri gaite?” was striking.  And the dialogue of Khurpa vena was equally interesting.


There are four friends; Bob, Ayesha(or was it Akesha?), Akash and Shankar. All four friends are of diverse nature. Bob likes to play with girls. Ayesha is a strong girl, who secretly loves Bob and hates when someone calls her ‘Lesbo’. Akash is a simple, shy guy who secretly loves a beautiful girl but always afraid to express his feeling. Shankar is another guy with comic behavior. The girl that Akash loves goes to Chitwan before she moves abroad. So, to make their friend’s love successful, they start their trip to the Chitwan begins. And the adventure begins.

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